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Capacitor,Double Layer Electric,Cap 0.47 F,Tol -20, +80%,Vol-Rtg 3.5 VDC,SMT

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Product AttributeAttribute ValueCapacitance470000 uFCapacitance Range100000 to 999999 uFCase Size0.413 In. Dia. x 0.335 In. L (10.5 mm Dia. x 8.5 mm L)Element MaterialElectric Double LayerESR25 OhmsMounting TypePCBSpecial FeaturesSupercapacitors and UltracapacitorsTerminationSMDTolerance-20, +80 %Voltage Rating3.5 VDC..

Product AttributeAttribute Value
Capacitance470000 uF
Capacitance Range100000 to 999999 uF
Case Size0.413 In. Dia. x 0.335 In. L (10.5 mm Dia. x 8.5 mm L)
Element MaterialElectric Double Layer
ESR25 Ohms
Mounting TypePCB
Special FeaturesSupercapacitors and Ultracapacitors
Tolerance-20, +80 %
Voltage Rating3.5 VDC

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